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On Monday, July 27th, will we migrate to the new McDowell County Schools website. We may experience down time as we transition to a new provider. áPlease check our Facebook pageáfor updates during the transition.

You can get a sneak peak atá​áPlease don't bookmark this site. áOur address will remain
Downloadable Resources for High School Classrooms:
eMints Math: Smart Board Activities
Center for Technology and Teacher Education
Interactive Mathematics Projects using Macromedia Flash
Shodor Interactive Activities
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - Geometry
eMints - Math: Geometry for Junior and High School
SMARTBoard Science Lessons -
Credit to: (email)
Selected Resources from the Shambles Menu ~ Content for Whiteboards:
 (Thank you to Chris Smith for his wonderful web pages!)
Games and Applications from Stewart Davies
Free Games and Applications from Stewart Davies that would work well on an
IWB Interactive Whiteboard.
e.g. count downtimer | randon whell generator | I want to be a millionaire |
blockbusters | bingo balls | wheel of fortune |
Visual Simulations
Visual Simulations
Free copies of Blockbusters, Connect 4, an IWB clock, Electroball (for
teaching electronic circuits), AtomScope (for teaching particle theory) and
Wordwall (a word tiling program).
Science PowerPoint files (free downloads)
ICT across the curriculum: Science PowerPoint files and SMART and Promethean
IWB files. This section provides guidance on how ICT can be used
effectively to support interactive whole class teaching during Science
lessons. ICT enables the teacher to increase the pace of the lesson when
appropriate and can help redress the balance in making resources and
planning for teaching. ICT allows children to access and interpret up to
date information and to present in a range of formats.
Interactive Whiteboard Resources from Think Bank
Interactive Whiteboard Resources from Think Bank
Secondary: Biology; Chemisty; Physics; Maths
Primary: Literacy; Numeracy; Science
Interactive Whiteboard Resources (Project)
Interactive Whiteboard Resources
The aims of the project are to:Investigate the use of hardware independent
software to create and share teaching materials for use on any interactive
whiteboard. To increase effective use of interactive whiteboards.To build on
developments in LEAs such as Herefordshire, Dudley and Stoke.
Interactive Whiteboards in Subject Areas
Interactive Whiteboards in Subject Areas
The case studies listed here are the final phase of our Project (April 2004
- August 2004). As we observed lessons, we noted techniques which seemed to
work particularly well and, in some cases, we were able to commission
teachers to share more of their work and ideas with us. Where possible, for
each subject, we have included 'Examples of Good Practice', 'Recommended
Websites' and 'Recommended Software'.
IWB Content listed at Kenton County Schools
IWB Content listed at Kenton County Schools ... under subject headings
BGfL: Whiteboard Resources
The BGfL has been developing a number of its resources and activities for
use with whiteboards. Each of the links below contains a normal version of
the activity together with a dedicated whiteboard version.
Interactive Whiteboards Resources (Stoke on Trent)
Interactive Whiteboards Resources (Stoke on Trent)
Welcome to the Learning Inter-Action web site primarily aimed at teachers in
Stoke-on-Trent using interactive whiteboards within the LIA project.
Everyone is welcome and we hope that you find the site useful. It's worth
bearing in mind that most IWB resources are great for use with just a
projection screen and data projector (or a large monitor) or even when
working with a small group gathered around an ordinary computer screen.
What's so special about an interactive whiteboard?
Dudley Interactive Whiteboard Resources
Interactive Whiteboard Resources from the Dudley Grid for Learning
Art & design, Citizenship, Com. languages, D&T, English, Geography, History,
ICT, Mathematics, MFL, PE, Music, PSHE, RE, Science
Interactive Whiteboard Resources at West Midlands RBC
Interactive Whiteboard Resources at West Midlands RBC
EDCompass: software for IWB
EDCompass : software for IWB
This is your community a place where you can share resources and ideas with
educators worldwide. Come discover new ways to use SMART products and
improve student learning.
| lesson activities | software resources | research reports | web resources
| professional development | CDP | how to's | case studies | bulletin board
| sign up for the monthly newsletter | IWB | Interactive Whiteboard |
JSH Education Ltd
Innovative software for interactive whiteboards and digital projectors. Both
primary and secondary software available.
CLEO MagicWall
CLEO MagicWall gathers together new and existing materials that can support
teachers in embedding ICT into the curriculum; not for the sake of it, but
to provide short, powerful inserts to further enrich already good lessons.
CLEO MagicWall materials are designed to work with a data projector, with or
without an e-whiteboard. The materials come with suggestions for specific
uses, but are flexible enough to be used by teachers in the imaginative ways
they think best suits their circumstances.
Mathematics Lesson Starters for use with an Interactive whiteboard
3 CDs containing more than 80 mathematics lesson starters. Ideal for use
with an interactive whiteboard or data projector. Suitable for mathematics
lesson warm-ups at Key Stage 3. Activities include puzzles from Number and
Algebra and Shape and Space. Contact us now for your Free Demo Disk!!!
Athena : Content for Interactive Whiteboards
Resources for teachers, created by teachers and used by teachers. A rich
resource including IWB lessons, worksheets and lesson plans.
Presentation Software for IWBs
ActiveSlide is an innovative presentation software for IWBs. It allows you
to prepare interactive slides that can be used in a lesson, lecture or
training. It's very easy to add animations, draggable images and interactive
games to your virtual slides. That is all done by drag and drop, no
programming is required. (Free Standard Edition for Windows, Mac OSX and
Interactive Websites | IWB | Content | Primary | Secondary |
Interactive Websites which work well with interactive whiteboards IWB ......
also work well with regular computer work stations
Numeracy | Literacy | Science | ICT | Art | Citizenship | Geography |
History | Early Years | Music | Cross-Curricular | Physical Education | MFL
| Welsh |
Living Worksheets
Living Worksheets are compilations of interactive, self-marking,
mathematical exercises, puzzles and tools, designed for use on computers
running Microsoft Excel Lesson Startsheets (LWS1 and LWS3)... 320
interactive lesson starters for use with an interactive whiteboard or
projector. Target: KS2 and KS3 pupils.
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